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Second Amendment

As a hunter, gun owner, and third generation member of the NRA I strongly support our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I believe the founding fathers intended for every law abiding citizen to have the option of owning a firearm without oppressive government oversight. In Jefferson City I am continuously working to stop the encroachment of the federal government and stand up for a citizen's right to self defense.


Not only is tourism vital for the 138th district, but it is also a good investment for Missouri. Tourism brings billions of dollars into our state each year and employs hundreds of thousands of people. It also highlights some of our country's most treasured natural resources. While serving on the House Budget Committee, I was able to secure additional funding to showcase the Show-Me State.


As an elected official I have had the privilege of working with many of our Superintendents across the district. We have so many highly qualified administrators and educators, along with parents and school board members that are capable of making better decisions about the education of our children than the politicians in Washington. We need to stop teaching our children how to take tests and get back to Math, Science, and Reading. We can ensure that our graduates have more options for continued education such as technical training, apprenticeships, as well as traditional universities. We need to make education work for people from all walks of life.

Limited Government

The United States government is of the people, by the people and for the people. I believe the framers of the Constitution intended for the majority of legislating to be done at the state and local level. As State Representative for the 138th District, I stand against further government intrusion into the lives of its citizens. 


As Americans we are everyone endowed with an unalienable right to life. I believe that that right to life begins in the mother's womb. As a minister I have spoken publicly about the sanctity of life and as a father I know how precious a child’s life is. In my first term as State Representative, we passed Missouri's strongest pro-life legislation to date. I will continue to work to preserve and protect all innocent human life. I will be a voice for those who were never given a chance to have a voice. 

Balanced Budget and Tax Reduction

Our State is required by its own constitution to balance the budget. I believe the government needs to learn to live within its means just as your family and my family do.  As a county elected official, I was faced with a substantial deficit. By the end of my first term I had the budget back on track with money left over. During the remainder of my tenure, I was able to return money to the taxpayers every year. As a State Representative, I am using that conservative approach to get our state spending under control and look for ways to keep more money in the pockets of those who earn it.

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